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Our mission is to change and enrich the lives within our communities by educating and instituting the moral values of an upstanding citizen. This will lead to more of our future student-athletes finishing college and becoming future creators. This will provide more opportunities for businesses to be created, and attract areas for talent, knowledge, and self-discipline to become a status quo in the players’ lives. As well as bringing sports attractions that expand extra revenue for local businesses which will increase college student participation and college revenue.


Ramah is an independent bridge program that follows the collegiate entry guidelines, that reaches out to academic 4-year collegiate institutions for players to continue their academic sports careers. Ramah has attained a 75% success rate for players moving toward 4-year institutions

Ramah works with underprivileged student-athletes giving them an opportunity to work toward a better life, creating doorways to reshape the mind with potential and educational prosperity. This helps us reduce crime and enhance economic growth in our communities.

Our Story

The Ramah Football Academy team was just hours from playing the first game in the history of their football program when disaster struck.

Learn how our startup program out of Rock Hill, South Carolina is attempting to recover from a deadly bus crash that ended their debut season before it began. 


Anyone looking to sponsor our football team should contact our Program Director, Coach Rawlingson, or our Head Coach, Coach Crawford.

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All home games will be $10 at the gate. Students that have a student I.D. present in hand will enter for $5. Children 5 & under will have free admission to enter each game. All home games kickoff at 1pm at the District Three Stadium in Rock Hill, SC.


You must apply for Admissions to a local collegiate institution to gain eligibility to play this season and gain a formal education.

Use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form to apply for financial aid for college or graduate school.

To enroll into out Football program the Ramah Juco Rams, you need to fill out a player contact form.


Apply for scholarships with the button below to earn additional money to help you pay for college.


Anyone looking to sponsor our football team should contact our Program Director, Coach Rawlingson, or our Head Coach, Coach Crawford. 

Please send all donations to P.O Box 255 Rock Hill, SC or rracademy15@gmail.com

Help us get the next generation of football players to the school of their dreams. Donate with PayPal.

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