Ramah is an independent bridge program that follows the collegiate entry guidelines, that reaches out to academic 4 year collegiate institutions for players to continue their academic sports career. Ramah has attained an 75% success rate for players moving toward 4 year institutions. We provide resources to our players without monetary compensation. Coaches receive no compensation currently and perform duties out of love and admiration of the sport. Having a stipend for coaches would improve the quality of coaches available to the team.

Ramah academy is a nonprofit (501)c3 designed to work with students who are looking to continue their education after high school. The Rams goal is to help students obtain an associates degree and a scholarship to a four-year university. Rama will be working with institutions to make this achievable. Students will be exposed to a college atmosphere and given the chance to learn real life building skills that will be used to future their careers in life.


Our mission is to change and enrich the lives of within communities by educating and instituting the moral values of an upstanding citizen. This will lead to more of our future student athletes finishing college and becoming future creators. This will provide more opportunities for businesses to be created, and attract areas for talent,knowledge, and self discipline to become a status quo in the players lives. As well as bring a sports attraction expanding extra revenue for local businesses which will increase college student participation and college revenue.


Anyone looking to sponsor our football team should contact our Program Director, Coach Rawlingson, or our Head Coach, Coach Crawford.

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